Venture Capital Heats Up to European Biotech Companies

The article below is an overview of venture capital heating up the Europea biotech companies while a wave of stock market enthusiasm in the United States for biotech company flotations has yet to cross the Atlantic.

Biotech is hot on Wall Street, with the Nasdaq sector index up 43 percent this year, listed U.S. stocks scaling all-time highs and roughly 23 biotech companies going public.

It’s a trend that is helping pique interest in exciting new science further afield.

As the industry launches more and more drugs developed by identifying genes associated with disease – the fruit of decoding the first human genome over a decade ago – investors are looking to back the most promising ideas.

Private biotech companies globally raised almost $1.3 billion through venture capital deals in the second quarter – a 190 percent leap over the amount raised in the prior three months, says BioWorld Snapshots, a Thomson Reuters company.

European companies are taking more than their share of the spending spree, accounting for 44 percent of completed deals in the quarter. And shares of listed European biotech companies have risen as investors become more optimistic about getting a return on their money. Source


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