Katherine Barr Says Venture Capital Looks Toward Canada

Katherine Barr, General Partner of Mohr Davidow Ventures General Partner, said venture capital investors often overlook Canada as a key market for technology investment opportunities.

There is a new era of innovation taking place in the country which has supported the growth of standout firms like HootSuite, Kik and Indochino.

Barr wrote that venture investors are attracted to Canada because the technology startups there hold sustainable business models that have real revenue and concentrate on finding solutions to big, although sometimes “unsexy” issues.

Canadian-founded firms have made material exits in the past few years. Barr cites various examples, such as the $871 million exit of Eloqua to Oracle, Taleo to Oracle for $1.9 billion and Radian6 to Salesforce.com for a price tag of $326 million.

The country also hosts rapidly-growing Software-as-a-Service firms, Barr writes. These include Y Combinator graduate Vidyard and FreshBooks.

Source: Venture Capital Post


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Venture Capitalists, Angel and Private Equity Investors Benefits

Below is an overview on why angels, venture capitalists and private equity investors all may benefit.

Ever since the JOBS Act was signed into law last year, there has been much ado about why angels, venture capitalists and private equity firms will love/hate/be indifferent to the new financing vehicle, crowdfunding. In April 2012, we launched our equity crowdfunding platform focused exclusively on the consumer products and retail industries. While we are still in the early innings of what we hope will be a very long game, I have interacted with countless angels and VCs over the last 18 months, and I spent seven years as a private equity investor before that. As a result, I have gained an appreciation for how each type of investor really views crowdfunding, and it is different from how pundits outside of the industry think they view crowdfunding. Source


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