Sager Creek Agrees to Pay $124.78M for Allens Canning

Sager Creek Acquisition Corp. reached a deal to acquire bankrupt business Allens Inc. for a total cash consideration of $124.781 million.

Little is known about Sager Creek, a recently formed Delaware-based corporation, according to the court filing.

The president of Sager Creek, James Athanasoulas, is the managing director of Sankaty Advisors, a unit of Boston-based Bain Capital. Sankaty Advisors is a secondary lienholder listed among Allen’s creditors. The amount owed was not disclosed.

The $124.781 million price tag is subject to increase or decrease for the actual amount of “First Priority Obligations,” other pending claims and fee along with the $3 million break-up fee required by the court. The sale be must authorized and approved by the bankruptcy court in a hearing set for Tuesday, Feb. 11, in Fayetteville. A secondary bid was recorded by Atlanta-based McCall Farms in the amount of $124.606 million, according to the filing.

Source: The City Wire


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