Jimmy Mahtani, Kosmo Kalliarekos Arrive in Hexaware Technologies

Abhay Havaldar, worked at GA since 2002. Mr. Havaldar who helped establish GA’s Singapore office in 2011 and established GA’s India office in 2002, will continue as independent director for Baring Private Equity Asia.

After completing share purchase from the promoter and private equity investor of Hexaware Technologies, Baring Private Equity Asia has nominated Jimmy Mahtani and Kosmo Kalliarekos as directors on the board of the information technology and business process outsourcing service provider.

Kalliarekos and Mahtani, both managing directors at Baring Asia, will be representatives of the PE firms special purpose vehicle (SPV) HT Global IT Solutions Holdings. At the company’s meeting held on Oct 11, it has also appointed chartered accountant Dileep Choksi as an independent additional director.

Abhay Havaldar, who was General Atlantic representative on Hexaware board, will continue as independent director. Bharat Shah too will continue as independent director. Other directors Ashish Dhawan, LS Sarma, Shailesh Haribhakti, Preeti Mehta, Subrata Mitra and S Doreswamy have resigned from the board of Hexaware. Source


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