Israeli Startup Revizer Raises $20M

Israeli software developer startup Revizer announced the achievement of a round valued at $20 million from Israel’s leading Venture Capital fund Pitango Venture Capital.

Pitango Venture Capital has announced that it has invested $20 million in Revizer, which specializes in creating revenue generating opportunities for software developers. The investment has reportedly been made at a company value of $100 million. Since its establishment, Revizer’s advanced ad technologies have been seen in many web applications and have provided hundreds of software developers with monetization opportunities and increased revenue.

Revizer’s smart ad serving technology is based on internally developed algorithms for maximum efficacy. Ads are screened based on parameters such as country, browser and category and are displayed only to the most relevant audience, generating the highest income possible.

This was the first financing round for the Tel Aviv based company, which was founded in 2012 by CEO Daniel Sagis, CTO Guy Malachi, and development manager David Lasri. The company reportedly already has over 60 employees and will use part of the proceeds from the financing to hire 40 more staff, develop its platform and expand in the US market. Source


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