Allegis Capital Appoints 4 Venture Partners to Help Focus on Cyber Security

A Calofornia-based prominent early-stage venture capital firm with a long-standing and active focus on investments in cyber security startups Allegis Capital has announced the appointment of four venture partners to help the venture capital firm beef up its cyber security portfolio.

The new partners are:

Nawaf Bitar, senior vice president and general manager of Juniper Networks’ security business unit;

Dr. Hossein Eslambolchi, founder and CEO of CyberFlow Analytics, a cyber security analytics company;

Tom Gillis, the co-founder and CEO of a secure software platform company in stealth mode and formerly VP and general manager of Cisco Systems’ Security Technology Group;

Jeffrey Williams, vice president of worldwide sales and business development at FireEye Inc.

The four new partners will continue with their current firms, according to Allegis Capital founder Bob Ackerman. Cyber security, he said in a news release, has been a focus of the firm for several years, and the firm has worked with the four new partners as entrepreneurs in the past. Source


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