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Download the Venture Capital Directory Sample Here: Download Sample

Download the Private Equity Directory Sample Here: Download Sample

Download the Angel Investor Directory Sample Here: Download Sample

The Private Equity Directory contains fund firm name, primary contact name, physical location, AUM, phone number, fax, and email addresses of over 4,000 private equity funds, venture capital firms and angel investors that control well over $500B in assets.  Since 2006 we have been building and updating our directory with our 15 person team, and as a result, our database is now of institutional quality and contains over 4,000 listings that are guaranteed to be accurate.

Risk-Free Private Equity Directory Purchase: Our team offers a dual-level quality assurance agreement for our database. First, we provide each client with a free upgrade to the next version of our Private Equity Directory.  Second, we also provide a per-contact refund for any bad data we can’t correct for you or replace with a new 100% correct directory firm listing within 2 business days of reporting it.  For example, if 10% of the directory is off or outdated, you receive 40% of your money back.  This takes the risk of bad data off of you and puts it back on our team, where it should be.


Benefits of Leveraging Our 3,000+ Hours of Data Research in Creating the Private Equity Directory:

  1. Contact these private equity funds, venture capital firms or angel investors via mail, phone, or email by accessing fully updated contact details on over 1,000 private equity firms to help you schedule more phone calls and meetings.
  2. You will get instant access to the contact details of and in turn the vast financial resources and capital investments that private equity firms make every day.
  3. Become more efficient at accessing well over $500B+ in asset managed by the contacts within our directory of private equity funds, venture capital firms and angel investors that control that large pool of capital.

Directory Sample: Our data is provided within Microsoft Excel format which makes it easy to track relationship development within the spreadsheet or by uploading this data into your firm’s own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.



Platinum Investor Package
  • Family Office Database
    1,347 Firms with 3,000 contacts
  • Private Equity-Database
    982 Firms with 1800 contacts
  • Venture Capital-Database
    512 Firms with 1000 contacts
  • Angel Investor-Database
    2,512 Firms with 5,024 contacts
  • One Annual Update
  • Attend all Capital Raising Workshops worth ($8,000)
  • Attend all Investor Conferences worth ($15,000)


Venture Capital
  • X
  • 2512 firms with 5,024 contacts
  • No-Updates
  • Capital Raising Bootcamp at a Discount
  • Family Office Summit at a Discount


PE Directory
  • 982 firms with 1,864 contacts
  • No - Updates
  • Capital Raising Bootcamp at a Discount
  • Family Office Summit at a Discount


Angel Investor
  • 510 Firms with 1,000 contacts
  • No-Updates
  • Capital Raising Bootcamp at a Discount
  • Family Office Summit at a Discount
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Quotes & Testimonials from Past Clients

“We recently purchased your database and I have to say your data quality is awesome. Thank you very much.”

– T. B. Hedge Fund Manager, New York, NY

“I have been using the directory for several years now and it has saved my team 100’s of hours of slow research trying to collect and keep the contact details updated for the industry. Thank you for making this resource available and we plan to keep using this directory for several years to come.”

– Gabriel Pellegrini, Global Edge Capital Management

As an alternative investment fundraising professional, I’ve looked at many family office contact databases that were not much more than data dumps captured from a website or another source. The Family Office Database is the first product that I’ve seen that is truly researched, detailed and quite accurate. It is clear that the team has spent many hours identifying and verifying family office contact information for this product. I recommend it”.

– Jim Rowe Rowe Capital Partners, LLC, Member FINRA, SIPC

“We have successfully set up several conference calls and meetings with great firms by using your directory. Thank you for the help and keep us updated on future releases.”

“I purchased the directory recently and have been using it extensively for the past month. What a fantastic resource you’ve developed. Kudos to all who compiled this information.”

– Managing Director, Lexington Capital Group