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Private equity is, of course, a very private industry. Firms take pride in their ability to stealthily negotiate a deal before a competitor can bid up the price; the funds are restricted to only qualified accredited investors; and some of the biggest buyout firms do not even maintain a company website. So, building a database of private equity firms and investors is not an easy task, it takes hard work, extensive research and long hours.

Fortunately, our team of private equity researchers works every day to gather data on private equity firms and institutional investors with information like AUM, contact details and background of the firm or investor to make your life easier.  Follow the links below to purchase either the Private Equity Investor Directory or the Private Equity Firm Directory.

Data Firms 2

Data 2

Private Equity Firms

Private Equity Investors

For years, we have been connecting private equity firms and institutional investors through our database packages.  Our research team is well-versed in the industry and provides a number of different data packages to suit the unique needs of each client.  We can help you, whether your investor relations team is looking to expand their reach to family office investors, or you are looking to partner with a private equity firm and want a database of buyout firms, contacts and other relevant information.

Client Feedback

Over the years our clients have been kind enough to provide some feedback on our databases.  Below you will find just a few client testimonials:

“We recently purchased your database and I have to say your data quality is awesome. Thank you very much.

– T. B. Hedge Fund Manager, New York, NY

As an alternative investment fundraising professional, I’ve looked at many family office contact databases that were not much more than data dumps captured from a website or another source. The Family Office Database is the first product that I’ve seen that is truly researched, detailed and quite accurate. It is clear that the team has spent many hours identifying and verifying family office contact information for this product. I recommend it”.

– Jim Rowe of Rowe Capital Partners, LLC, Member FINRA, SIPC

“We have successfully set up several conference calls and meetings with great firms by using your database of family offices. Thank you for the help and keep us updated on future releases.”

– [Client name withheld]